Put your money where your mouth is and pledge to recreate outdoors without driving.

What is the #carfreechallenge?

Outdoor sports enthusiasts are often also environmentalists. We want to protect the world we play in, and part of that is doing what we can to combat climate change. Unfortunately, the pursuit of adventure sports often involves a lot of travel, both on a large scale -- international trips -- and on a daily basis (your drive to the trailhead). Join me in pledging to minimize the carbon impact of our recreation by finding adventures close to home and using alternative methods of transit!

Different sports might require different metrics -- if you're a road biker or sea kayaker, you might want to use miles. As a mountain biker, skier, trail runner, and kayaker, I pledged to gain at least 150,000 feet of elevation without driving my car in 2018 and I succeeded (barely) through biking, trail running, and even kayaking and skiing (from home!). Join me by signing up and setting your own goals!


Who's doing it?



Vertical Gain (feet)

894,299 / 1,735,844

Distance (miles)

7,212 / 58,966


How can I join?

The simplest way to join is to sign up here. You can set goals, update progress and share with friends.

You can also use the hashtag #carfreechallenge on social media to help spread the message!

If you're on Strava, your activities can be automatically tracked here. Sign up with Strava or link your existing user account later. Then, just mark your carbon neutral activities with the hashtag #carfreechallenge in the title and we'll find them automatically and tally them towards your goals.



on Facebook and use the #carfreechallenge hashtag on Instagram or other social media! Once you've signed up and created a goal, you can share that directly from the app, as well.



But I live in X...I can't get outside without driving!

Fair enough! We can't all live in Jackson (who can afford to anyway!), but I bet there are a lot of adventures you can find close to home. We'll be adding some tools for finding local adventures to the website, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

But really though. I can't find anything that doesn't involve driving.

Email me and I will personally help you find adventures close to home.

What counts as "car free?"

Great question. The short answer is, it's up to you -- this is all voluntary and self-reporting. For the purposes of the challenge, I'm saying no driving. Meaning, you can't drive your car and you can't carpool with a friend. Mass transit is good to go -- you'd be surprised what awesome places subways, trains, and busses can get you to!

Along those lines, things like gondolas, lifts, etc. are ok, but you can't count them towards your goal. In other words, 4 laps off the tram at Jackson is 0' towards the challenge. But if you take the tram up and spend your whole day earning turns in Granite Creek, that can count, as long as you didn't drive to the mountain.

This website and campaign were created by Nick Gottlieb. He's pledging to gain 150,000 vertical feet without driving this year.